Modern methods of degenerative diseases treatment are focused on surgical removal of pathology affected organs or tissues and destruction of “wrong” cells with radiation or chemical agents. The problem is that even so-called targeted therapy (whether it targets local area of affected tissue or only cells with specific molecular signatures, or certain signaling pathways inside selected class of cells, or characteristic proteins) is dealing just with symptoms and does not address the roots of pathologies. Exactly this issue is a cause of both insufficient efficacy and harmful side effects of existing therapies.

Latest achievements in medicine could be attributed to the fact that diagnostics and treatments are both dealing with pathologies on cellular and molecular levels. The important remaining step to make is to recognize that biological molecules are made not just from chemical elements or atoms, but from isotopes which are atoms with the same number of protons and electrons but different number of neutrons.

At present, isotope effects are associated with very little changes of chemical reaction’s kinetics or really small deviations in the physical properties.

In live matter, seemingly insignificant isotope substitution leads to asymmetry of autocatalytic reactions, amplification of chirality and isotope selectivity of biomolecules making all the difference between life and death.

The purpose of our technology is to reverse harmful changes in symmetry of biomolecules back to normal and by this affecting the deepest level in the hierarchy of biological organisms. It can be used separately or in combination with existing medicine to address unmet needs related to a wide variety of pathologies.

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