Vector Vitale, Inc. is an interdisciplinary research-based company focused on development and commercialization of a new type of medicine: isotope selective diagnostics, therapy and prevention of diseases.

We consider biological organisms to be stable hierarchical multilevel self-sustained systems in which a therapeutic effect can be achieved by proper maintenance or reconstruction of negative feedback connections between its differential and integral components.

Deviation from a healthy organism blueprint may start from changes in chemical bonds, isotope substitution of at least one of elements involved in chemical bond formation and subsequent process of isotope induced inversion of chirality in amino acids that are building blocks of proteins. It leads to the loss of the proper conformation of proteins. In metalloproteins the sequence of changes may happen in revers: isotope substitution of the “coordinating” metal, loss of the proper conformation of protein and only then – inversion of the chirality of one or more protein forming amino acids.

The same algorithm of changes in various biomolecules in any of the two hundred different type of cells of the human body may reveal itself in completely different symptoms and correspondingly classified as different diseases.

During the past ten years, medicine has gradually become “protein selective”. We believe that in order to cure, medicine must be able to control general and local symmetry of biomolecules by addressing isotope-induced symmetry defects formed in the process of autocatalytic reactions.

When treating infections, Isotope Selective Medicine (ISM) should provide combined antiviral and anti-bacterial effects. In the case of chronic degenerative disorders including cancer, Alzheimer and Parkinson diseases ISM has simultaneously to re-activate immune and endocrine system.

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