Vector Vitale is creating a breakthrough class of isotope-selective medicines that provide symmetry correction of biomolecules including amino acids, polypeptides and proteins, and can be re-dosed to provide a sustainable effect. We have a strong team of like-minded specialists with expertise in physics, chemistry, technology and life sciences.

We were founded in 2015 after more than 20 years of extensive research in mathematical models of hierarchical stable systems, physics of the atom, and isotope-induced phase transitions in biomolecules. Our interdisciplinary studies lead to novel methods for prevention and treatment of degenerative diseases.

Building on these discoveries, we have created our isotope-selective therapeutic platform. The initial therapeutic application of our isotope-selective medicines is focused at the prevention and treatment of diabetes, obesity, several types of solid malignant tumors and Parkinson’s disease. High efficacy and the absence of harmful side effects are the hallmarks of our medicine

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